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01 About Aristocrat

Aristocrat is an eminent gaming provider with a rich history that delivers nothing but exciting high-quality content and equipment for gambling halls, cyber-casinos, and online gaming projects all over the world. Aristocrat’s history began in 1953 in Australia. Within 15 years of creative approach and nonstandard solutions the company expanded to the markets of Europe and Las-Vegas. It was Aristocrat who introduced all the main innovations and changes in slot machines that made them more functional and diverse. The company’s reputation grew each year, and so did the number of their inventions. Between 1970 and 1990 Aristocrat presented a new technology “Virtual reel” for slot machines that turned out to be so popular that slots revenues surpassed the profit from tables. In the next 20 years the company’s success and impact resulted in listing on the Australian Stock Exchange. Nowadays, Aristocrat is rightfully considered one of the biggest providers of gambling software and has great influence on the high-risk industry. The company has registered more than 1000 patents, around 3000 trademarks, provides licenses in about 300 jurisdictions and operates in 90 countries. Isn’t that a definition of success?

02 Gaming software from Aristocrat

As we can clearly see from the history of this company, Aristocrat has always strived for innovations and extraordinary solutions.

Thanks to their enormous experience in the gambling sector, Aristocrat’s products in many ways surpass its competition.

Such an approach allowed them to create ultimate software for effective management for both online and offline gaming business. Aristocrat provides 2 versions of management software:

03 Aristocrat slots

The main goal of any top-quality gaming system is to provide the best content from the best developers. If you take a closer look at the lists of game providers of the most popular systems on the market, you will definitely find Aristocrat in each of them. Indeed, it’s quite difficult to find a platform without at least a dozen slots from Aristocrat. The secret of this incredible popularity is simple – it lies in this company’s professionalism and desire to create the absolute best solutions.

On first glance, slots from Aristocrat resemble slots from any other developer. They usually have 5 reels, 20 winning lines, and a control panel for players at the bottom of the playing field. Despite having a traditional look, Aristocrat’s slots differ from competition, first of all, in quality and attention to detail. Each game stands out with unique characters placed in different environments, breathtaking atmosphere and stories, and provides an amazing gaming experience to players. What is more, slots from Aristocrat are just as impressive from a technical perspective. Amazing graphics, thoroughly detailed backgrounds, smooth animations, and unique bonus features in every game will impress any gambler and make them spend hours in your gambling hall.

Furthermore, Aristocrat works together with creators of popular franchises, creating games with beloved characters in familiar settings. Slots based on such famous shows as Game of Thrones, The walking dead, and Batman have instantly caught players’ attention and have made a fortune for casino owners.

As was already mentioned, it’s really hard to find a decent, let alone a high-quality, gaming system without games from Aristocrat in its library. As a result, slots and other amazing games from this company can be found in systems for any type of project, be it a casino website or a cyber-cafe.

04 HTML5-slots from Aristocrat

Being a leading developer who sets the highest standards for quality for their products, Aristocrat never ceases to impress us with the games they deliver. Their HTML5 slots are especially impressive:

HTML5 Aristocrat casino games are developed with cutting-edge technologies and modern trends in gambling industry. They are created with excellence in every detail, and, what is more, Aristocrat constantly improves its products to achieve perfection. These slots have gotten so popular that they are presented in many top systems for online and offline gambling businesses and even casinos in Las-Vegas! HTML5 games from Aristocrat will be a wonderful addition to your business.

05 Aristocrat software in South Africa

Nowadays, gambling sector is one of the most prosperous industries in the world, therefore, it gives almost unlimited opportunities to entrepreneurs operating in any country. However, some regions are more lucrative than the others and provide better chances for you to establish a highly profitable project. One of such regions is South Africa. People in South Africa are willing to bet more than ever! Such a productive environment was not overlooked by the Aristocrat company.

Aristocrat has been operating in South Africa for quite some time and has earned the reputation of reliable partner and provider of top-notch gaming software. All their products, including software, slots, and other games, get excellent reviews from casino operators and gamers.

Aristocrat’s profitability varies from 68% to 72%, which makes their certified solutions, together with striking content, a range of adjustable parameters, and reasonable price, one of the best offers on the market in South Africa.

One of the Aristocrat’s features that is especially appreciated by casino owners is a unique mechanic that combines jackpots from different games on different devices within one gambling hall. This way players have a chance of winning a greater sum of money, which motives gamblers to make more bets.

This company provides many opportunities for both land based casinos and online businesses and delivers many solutions, including apps for mobile devices available on App Store and Google Play. Moreover, with Aristocrat software you will have a possibility to acquire an official license for operating a gaming business.

07 Where to buy and download Aristocrat software?

iGamingSoft offers all kinds of services for your gambling business, including the connection to the official software from the Aristocrat gaming company. Get access to the modern technologies and exciting games in one system that are adored by gamblers from the leading developer without delay!

Downloading and adjusting the Aristocrat software is simple and won’t take much time, so you can start your casino website or cyber-cafe immediately!

08 Why you should choose iGamingSoft

iGamingSoft is an official partner of Aristocrat slot games and software. This allows us to provide casino products for the best price on the gambling market.

We provide a number of services for our clients, including connection to the systems, payment methods integration, initial software adjustments, and technical support non-stop.

Working with iGamingSoft is an opportunity to start or to upgrade your gambling project with the help from a top-class team of professionals.

9 How to start partnership

Become a partner of one of the best gaming software suppliers in the sector of high-risk entertainment by simply contacting our managers! They will answer all your questions and give a consultation on any matter. Choosing iGamingSoft, you choose success and a prosperous future for your business.

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How muck does a connection to a sysmtem cost?
iGamingSoft is the official representative and provider of software, which makes our prices the lowest on the market. The cost depends on several parameters. Firstly, it’s the type and quality of the software you would like to install. Secondly, it depends on the amount of credits you buy at once. Our managers will calculate the exact price upon request.
How to buy a gaming system?
Just contact our managers to buy the software. We will send all the needed data and accounts right away and, after you download everything needed, you can start working the same day!
How to implement a payment system?
To implement a payment system you need to have an online wallet (for example PayPal or WebMoney) and a debit card (Visa or Mastercard) or to install a payment terminal. We offer the possibility of implementing the payment method with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. To make the implementation even simpler, you can always rely on iGamingSoft to solve all tech problems for you.
How will clients refill their deposit?
There are two ways for a client to refill their balance before gambling: via cashier in casino hall with cash or via any preferable cashless payment, such as bank transfer, plastic card or payment terminal.
How will client get their wins?
Money withdrawal is as simple as refilling the deposit. It can be done via cashier in casino hall with cash or via any preferable cashless payment, such as bank transfer, plastic card or payment terminal.
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