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Keno is a thrilling world-famous game, which in many ways resembles a lottery
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01 Best-of-breed solution for your casino

The game starts with displaying a primary grid with numbers from 1 to 80. Players are to choose any numbers they prefer in the amount of 8 in Keno 8 or 10 in Keno 10. Once all bets are set, the computer picks 20 random winning numbers and announces the winners based on whether or not player’s numbers were among the selected ones.

Simple rules, adjustable pacing and a great coefficient of winning is what makes keno games players’ favorite type of their pastime, while being a cost-effective solution for casino operators all around the world.

02 Why Keno is a great choice for your casino

03 Partnership with iGamingSoft

We value our reputation of a leading supplier of powerful solutions and services for casinos and truly care for our clients’ success. That is why we cooperate only with the best game and software developers on the gambling market, who deliver nothing but unparalleled products, including excellent Keno software.

We offer:

04 Premium Keno and lotto software South Africa

iGamingSoft offers top-level solutions for your business with the variety of parameters that define the finest systems.

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06 How to choose the best lottery software?

With huge variety providers and their products, it’s hard to tell which software is done well, let alone to choose the best option for your project in particular. Thankfully, iGamingSoft has collected supreme solutions that have all parameters of a convenient managing tool and an engaging gaming experience. Contact us now and we will help you select top software that will perfectly fit your business and will make it prosperous.

07 Why us?

Having been in the gambling industry since 2010, iGamblingSoft gained experience and trust of our clients. Our flawless reputation of a leading software company and dozens of successful online and offline projects speak for themselves. We highly value our customers and won’t settle for less than a perfect result.

Let us guide you in the industry of gambling and high-risk entertainment and watch your business thrive.



What is a Keno games?
Keno is a lottery-like game that has a massive popularity in casinos thanks to its simplicity and adjustable pacing. It can be played individually or in a group over local network.
How does Keno work?
A player is to choose up to 10 numbers they like out of 80 that are shown on the primary grid per each pool. The program then randomly selects 20 numbers and estimates the player’s win depending on how many player’s numbers were chosen.
How do I buy Keno software for my business?
Simply contact us by the phone or mail and we will guide you through the process of selecting, buying and installation of the keno system you have purchased.
Where can I buy Keno software?
iGamingSoft provides a number of Keno software from the best developers from all around the world that now are available for you! Call us today and get a perfect multifunctional platform for your online or offline project!

Best software on the market

We are recognized as a reliable partner in igaming sector and a trustworthy supplier of powerful solutions for both online and offline casinos all around the world. We work only with famous software and content developers that provide exceptional gaming experience for players and effective management tools for operators.

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