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01 Novomatic software for sale

Novomatic is another prominent provider of software and other services for land based and online gaming business that is recognised in the industry as one of the best.
Founded in 1980 in Austria, Novomatic quickly became a well-known provider of high-quality products for online and offline gaming projects. Just a year after its foundation, the company managed to extend its influence in Europe, and Novomatic casinos opened in Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, France, and Switzerland. A little later Novomatic has sufficiently increased the scope of its influence and started operating in the United States and South Africa.
This company has come a long way to earn the reputation of developer of finest gaming solutions and supplier of omni-channel products for casinos all over the globe. Nowadays, Novomatic can impress with numbers alone: it has representative offices in 45 countries, manages and supplies gambling businesses located in more than 90 countries, employs 21 000 staff overall, and operates about 214 000 slot machines. Currently, Novomatic provides products, equipment, and services for each sector of the casino industry and manages to deliver supreme innovative solutions thanks to many subdivisions.

02 Gaming platforms and products from Novomatic

Novomatic provides a number of powerful solutions for your gambling business. Each one of them stands out with superior technologies and a wide range of parameters.


This highly flexible system was designed to effectively manage the work of casinos, be it a small cyber-cafe or a great multidimensional betting business. myACP can be easily customised to meet requirements of casino administrators and be an efficient tool for your business. Due to the secure firewall, encryption algorithms, and data transfer protocol, this system provides the highest levels of security and data protection.

Jackpot systems

Jackpot solutions from Novomatic provide an outstanding gaming experience thanks to a unique approach to awarding players. Mystery progressive jackpots unify banks of one themed slot machines, for example the famous Book of Ra, therefore significantly increasing the final jackpot. Some games offer so-called Game-Driven jackpots that can be triggered by specific in-game actions that vary for each slot.

Various gaming platforms

Novomatic has developed several systems for casinos, sweepstakes and sports betting projects. These solutions support different types of devices and provide convenient management tools for operators.

High-tech equipment

Novomatic develops a huge variety of unique slot machines, electronic table cabinets, self-service betting terminals, and instant ticket vending machines.

Crown slim cash management

Developed by Novomatic’s subdivision, Novomatic Sports Betting Solutions, this system was made to make management of sports bets more convenient and fast. It offers the possibility of withdrawals and deposits from and to customers’ accounts via customer cards, high level of security, and a user-friendly interface.

03 Novomatic software review

Novomatic claims that its key characteristic is striving for innovations and development of pioneer technologies. Their numerous research centres specifically focus on development of best-in-breed gambling equipment and software for land based casinos, igaming websites, sweepstakes, sports betting and more.
While casino operators appreciate a number of settings and controlled parameters, gamblers can truly enjoy exceptional content. Novomatic delivers a plethora of top-notch products for every segment of business in the high-risk entertainment industry.

04 Novomatic slots

One of the reasons why you should buy Novomatic games and add their slots to your library is the well-known name and its reputation as a reliable game developer. Indeed, only complete novices in gambling won’t recognise slot titles from Novomatic, while experienced players know that they can expect only supreme products from this company.
With more than 40 years of experience in the casino sector, Novomatic managed to deliver truly legendary games that have turned into gaming series. Who doesn’t know the Book of Ra of Lucky Lady’s Charm? The secret of this unbelievable success is simple – it’s all about quality and a unique approach to game development.
Slots from Novomatic surpass the competition in many ways, for example, in terms of flawless performance on low-budget equipment, beautiful graphics and soundtracks, remarkable characters and settings.
Demo versions are another reason why slots from Novomatic are so popular. Being able to get familiar with a game for free is a huge advantage that is highly appreciated by players.
Almost every slot is available for both land based and online projects, so your players can enjoy the outstanding content from Novomatic anywhere they want!

05 Novomatic Flash

The Flash technology used to be the base of almost every slot not so long ago. However, nowadays leading developers have moved away from this technology giving their preference to HTML5.
HTML5 has become a standard of high-quality slot and game development that allowed providers to realise new interesting in-game mechanics and technical features, including cross-platform support and better performance.

06 Novomatic HTML5-slots

Novomatic strives for the best gaming experience and uses modern mechanics and trends in game development. One of such things is HTML5 technology.

Outstanding design and graphics

HTML5 slots have a number of advantages among which are:

Novomatic’s HTML5-slot portfolio is constantly being filled with new astonishing games that are ready to mesmerise even experienced gamblers. These slots will become an ideal addition to any casino, either online, or offline!

07 The most popular slots from Novomatic

08 How to buy Novomatic casino software?

You can buy Novomatic games or software by simply reaching out to us by phone or messaging! The process of downloading and installing slots, games, or Novomatic lottery solutions is very simple and doesn’t take much time.

09 Novomatic solutions from iGamingSoft

We are a team of professionals that can become your reliable partner in the world of entertainment and provide access to the best gaming software and games for a casino.
Working with iGamingSoft will give you an opportunity to start a successful gambling business with the best casino solutions on the market for a reasonable price. Furthermore, we will provide our technical support and assistance in casino management.
Novomatic technologies and seamless integration allow us to implement any content or solution to your gambling business in no time!

10 How to start working in the casino sphere?

The start of your project entirely depends on what kind of business you wish to establish. For example, for a land based casino, first of all, you will have to buy or rent an appropriate venue and equipment, whereas for a casino website you will only need a website itself.

The next step is to contact iGamingSoft’s managers and to select any preferable software out of our list of top-notch solutions. Not sure which solution would work best in your case? Contact us and we will help you to choose the perfect software that will meet all your requirements and become a reliable tool for your business.
While the start of your business is determined by its type, one thing is constant – with iGamingSoft you can be sure that you get the best solutions and software from top providers!

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