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With iGamingSoft you can get top gaming and management software from the best lottery software providers on the market!
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01 Lottery is your way to success

Lottery is something that have been popular for decades, have taken many forms and is able to wonderfully capture gamblers’ attention to this day. Its fast pacing, colourful design, and various formats have brought huge revenues to casino owners in South Africa and all over the world!

iGamingSoft provides top-level software for your lottery business from the best developers on the market of high-risk entertainment. Only unique designs, cutting-edge technologies and wide variety of settings and now they are available for you!

02 Online or offline business?

The decision of operating an offline internet-cafe or a casino website is up to you. However, our experience has shown that online projects have a number of advantages, which offline ones simply cannot have.

Among them are:

03 Online lottery software from iGamingSoft

With iGamingSoft you can get top gaming and management software from the best lottery software providers on the market!

Ever since iGamingSoft was founded in 2010, we have been creating a productive environment for casino owners and an amazing gaming experience for players. We earned our name with dozens of successful online and offline projects and high-quality products under our brand, such as slots, management software and more. iGamingSoft provides you an opportunity to become a part of a huge gambling community and an owner of your own casino!

We offer:

04 Supreme Lotto software South Africa

Each solution we deliver stands out with quality and reliability. We work only with leading developers of products for casinos and lottery businesses that mesmerize players and provide a convenient management tool for casino operators.

When ordering our solution you get:

05 Lottery systems from iGamingSoft

While it is important to provide an engaging games to your players in order to make them bet in your casino, it is also essential to provide them services that will make their betting convenient. Moreover, some of the parameters can be crucial for those players who only look for the right place to gamble.

Our systems include features that will make gambling in your casino the best experience for your clients:

06 How to choose lottery software for your business

iGamingSoft provides a number of supreme solutions with vibrant content, simple interface and rich selection of settings for back-office. With all the variety of games, slots and lottery it might be very difficult to assemble content and choose which parameters you want to be implemented to your system by yourself.

We, in iGamingSoft, understand it and will help you with any issue. We will select the finest software according to your project type, financial possibilities and preferences.

Just contact us and get perfect software for your project!

07 Best lotteries for your casino

08 Why us?

Thanks to our rich experience on the gambling market, we know exactly what to do to provide powerful solutions and supreme software for casinos and internet-cafes. Ordering casino, lottery, tracking or management software, back-office systems or any gambling content, you get a top-level product for your project and non-stop technical support.

The team of professionals of iGamingSoft is your reliable partner in the world of high-risk entertainment!

09 Legality of lotto business in South Africa

Legality of your lotto business in South Africa wholly depends on whether your project is online or offline.

Land-based gambling venues are completely legal, provided you have acquired a state license that allows such activity. At the same time, running online casinos with high-risk games is strictly prohibited throughout the country.

However, there’s a way to own a casino or lottery website and not to break the law. The thing is, an online casino is illegal only if it is registered in South Africa. Hence, if your website is registered in any country where operating a gambling business is legal, your online casino will be legal as well.

iGamingSoft provides the possibility to register your online business in safe countries, so you won’t face any troubles with the law!



What is the best lottery software?
We provide a number of solutions for lottery businesses and each one of them stands out with quality. They differ, however, in the sets of parameters and settings. To choose the system that will perfectly fit the needs of your project we recommend you contact us for a detailed consultation.
How do I start an online lottery project?
Simply contact us! We will guide you through the process of establishing your lottery business and advise you on your first steps.
How much does a license for a legal online lottery business cost?
It depends on the region in which you are operating. On average, however, such license costs $6000-8000.
Where to buy lottery software?
iGamingSoft provides the best software for casinos, lotteries and internet-cafes on the market. Our team of skilled programmers and artist will create a perfect solution for your business for a very reasonable price!

Best software on the market

We are recognized as a reliable partner in igaming sector and a trustworthy supplier of powerful solutions for both online and offline casinos all around the world. We work only with famous software and content developers that provide exceptional gaming experience for players and effective management tools for operators.

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