Solution with advanced technologies and remarkable design

GoldSlot gaming system

Modern solution for your gambling business

The GoldSlot gaming system is the newest platform we provide, that’s why it stands out with cutting-edge technologies and is tailored to the latest trends of gambling industry. Despite the fact that GoldSlot has been introduced to the market relatively recently, this system managed to quickly gain the reputation of a reliable multifunctional tool for convenient casino administration. Together with a rich game collection of striking slots, poker, roulette, and lotteries, GoldSlot will be an ideal option for any type of gaming project, be it an online casino or a cyber-cafe. Its great characteristics has made GoldSlot a well-known platform among online and offline casinos in South Africa, Europe, and South America. GoldSlot is a perfect solution for those who value quality and security.

How the GoldSlot system works?

One of the features of GoldSlot that proves its convenience is that you don’t need to neither install it, nor to make any adjustments afterwards.
The system works via browser, doesn’t require instalment and is ready to provide hundreds of exciting games from the moment you use our link. This allows you to start operating your online gaming business immediately or, in the case of an offline gambling hall, to significantly save money on buying low-budget equipment.
Moreover, since GoldSlot uses a browser version, it can be launched on any operating system, including different versions of Windows or Linux.

Advantages of GoldSlot

A huge list of thrilling high-quality games with unique design from leading developers
Exclusive slots, which are available only on this system, with engaging characters and beautiful graphics
Enjoyable soundtrack
Support of mobile devices
Constant updates and improvements of the system
Bonus system with customisable cashback and jackpots
Adjustable RTP

GoldSlot’s profitability

Besides striking exclusive games, a rich content library, various encouragement bonuses for players, and convenient admin panel, what really makes GoldSlot stand out is its profitability. While an average profitability for gambling platforms reaches 70%, the GoldSlot’s profitability reaches 75%! It’s the highest index among similar systems that guarantees you success and huge revenues!

Striking games of GoldSlot

System requirements

GoldSlot is a remarkable gambling system for many reasons, one of them is its simplicity and low requirements for the technical equipment. Thanks to it, you can save a considerable amount of money and provide for your casino devices which you can afford.
Dual-core Intel pentium
Video card:
Intel hd4000 or better
Operating system:
Linux, Windows 7
Is required:
Sound card , Internet connection

Features of GoldSlot

High security level
When designing the GoldSlot system, the developers paid particular attention to the issue of security and used the latest encryption algorithms to provide top-notch data protection. It’s an aspect that only a few platforms on the market can add to their list of features. As a result, GoldSlot has an exceptional security system that provides prevention of any data leakages and keeps all logins and passwords safe, as well as bank transactions and operations.
As was already mentioned, the GoldSlot system stands out with its low requirements and ability to launch on any device. It has a user-friendly interface and it’s easy to adjust any parameter you wish. Moreover, GoldSlot platform has great performance and will look good on any type of monitor.

GoldSlot from iGamingSoft

GoldSlot is an excellent solution for any gambling project, be it an online casino, cyber-cafe or a gambling hall. Ordering this system from iGamingSoft, you will get a flawless platform for your business, as well as technical support 24-7 and guidance on every aspect of casino management.

Download and instalment

Contact us
Just contact our managers and we will connect you to the system by sending you a link with the system without a delay. It’s a much faster and more convenient way of getting software compared to a regular platform downloading and installing.
After that, your casino is ready for work! GoldSlot doesn’t require an instalment or adjusting and can be launched immediately in a browser.


How muck does a connection to a sysmtem cost?
iGamingSoft is the official representative and provider of software, which makes our prices the lowest on the market. The cost depends on several parameters. Firstly, it’s the type and quality of the software you would like to install. Secondly, it depends on the amount of credits you buy at once. Our managers will calculate the exact price upon request.
How to buy a gaming system?
Just contact our managers to buy the software. We will send all the needed data and accounts right away and, after you download everything needed, you can start working the same day!
How to implement a payment system?
To implement a payment system you need to have an online wallet (for example PayPal or WebMoney) and a debit card (Visa or Mastercard) or to install a payment terminal. We offer the possibility of implementing the payment method with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. To make the implementation even simpler, you can always rely on iGamingSoft to solve all tech problems for you.
How will clients refill their deposit?
There are two ways for a client to refill their balance before gambling: via cashier in casino hall with cash or via any preferable cashless payment, such as bank transfer, plastic card or payment terminal.
How will client get their wins?
Money withdrawal is as simple as refilling the deposit. It can be done via cashier in casino hall with cash or via any preferable cashless payment, such as bank transfer, plastic card or payment terminal.
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