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0150 Lions slot machine

Are you ready to discover the wild plains, vicious predators, and wonders of nature? The African lands are a perilous but very generous place. The ones who are brave enough to challenge the dangers of the Serengeti savanna, the empire of hundreds of lions, will be rewarded with amazing prizes! Would you be the one to take the risk and put your luck to the test?

Magical as it is, the 50 Lions slot from the Aristocrat Leisure company gained an enormous popularity thanks to its captivating setting. From the moment it appeared on the market of high-risk games, this slot instantly became one of the players’ favourites and, as a result, a must for any gambling business, be it in South Africa or Europe. If you want to assemble a powerful game catalogue, 50 Lions simply ought to be there.

02Game features

0350 Lions slot for sale

Being the best supplier of services for casinos all over the world, iGamingSoft can offer our supreme solutions for your gamling business for reasonable prices! For example, if you wish to purchase the 50 Lions slot, you can get it as a part of a gaming system. In this case, not only will you get 50 Lions but also a tailored game catalogue, bonus system, convenient back-office, all adjusted to meet your requirements.

In case you already have a gaming system from another provider, we can integrate this or any other slot of your choice to your casino. For that, please, fill in the individual offer application and we will contact you to discuss the best solution for you!

04Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Which system has the 50 Lions slot online?
If you wish to purchase 50 Lions as a part of a gambling system, you should consider buying such systems as Superomstic and StarGame from the iGamingSoft’s catalogue.
Can I try the demo version of this slot?
Demo versions of slots are a perfect way to get to know it before a purchase or betting for real money. For this reason many developers provide demo versions of as many slots as possible, and 50 Lions is no exception.
How do I download and install the 50 Lions slot in my casino?
The whole process of download and installment of slots is very simple. All you need to do is contact us, and we will provide a detailed instruction on how to get 50 Lions for your casino.
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