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01 What are sweepstakes?

A simple answer for this question would be “a profitable business with minimum of expenses for its owner”. Indeed, the industry of high risk gaming, to which sweepstakes, sports betting, and video slots belong, is rightfully considered a very successful direction for a business.

The secret of huge sweepstakes projects and casinos revenues consists of 4 things:

02 Taking first steps with iGamingSoft

Opening a brand new business might be a challenging task especially if you are not yet familiar with the market and all products it can offer. In this case researching all differences and possibilities of each sweepstakes software and the right way to manage it could be quite a long and boring process. We suggest saving your time and letting the team of professionals of iGamingSoft solve all problems.

We offer:

Contact us now and get free consultation on any questions about sweepstakes software or managing a sweepstake business!

03 Why our software?

With iGamingSoft you can get top gaming and management software from the best lottery software providers on the market!

Ever since iGamingSoft was founded in 2010, we have been creating a productive environment for casino owners and an amazing gaming experience for players. We earned our name with dozens of successful online and offline projects and high-quality products under our brand, such as slots, management software and more. iGamingSoft provides you an opportunity to become a part of a huge gambling community and an owner of your own casino!

We offer:

04 Advantages of our software

While pleasant design smooth animation and original soundtracks draw crowds of new players to your hall, the right system of advantages is what makes them stay and bet again and again.

Each software we provide has its own unique ways to keep your clients engaged but all of them have the following features:

05 How to open an internet cafe?

While it is important to provide an engaging games to your players in order to make them bet in your casino, it is also essential to provide them services that will make their betting convenient. Moreover, some of the parameters can be crucial for those players who only look for the right place to gamble.

Starting a sweepstakes internet café is much simpler than it may seem. All you need is an appropriate room and equipment, for example, several budget PCs or internet sweepstakes machines and, the most importantly, the right sweeps software. The main principle here is to choose an official reliable provider who delivers licensed products and is ready to help with any questions. Fortunately, iGamingSoft works only with reliable software developers delivering only best software solutions and support to our clients.

A room, a couple of computers and you are one call away from being a part of one of the richest industries there is!

06 Land-based terminals or an online platform for gambling?

With our wide range of supreme solutions, you can establish any type of gambling business you wish! Moreover, in regions like South Africa, where high-risk entertainment is in such a high demand, you won’t have to worry about which business will be more profitable.

Whether you choose a land-based casino, an internet café, a sweepstakes project or a gambling website, we can guarantee that you will get a top-notch software and technical support from the team of professionals!

07 Legality of sweepstakes South Africa

Although games like sweepstakes or slots have a huge popularity and interest among players, in many countries a business related with them would be illegal.

Nonetheless, in many countries, including South Africa, both online and offline gambling businesses are truly thriving. In case of land-based casinos and internet cafes, entrepreneurs can run such projects freely since they are completely legal.

As for the online gambling, the situation is much different, as it is illegal in South Africa. However, it is possible to have a fully functional sweepstakes website despite the fact that it would break the law. The solution is quite simple – if you launch an online casino and register it in the country where such activity is legal, you can run your own gambling business without violating the law.

iGamingSoft offers turnkey solutions for such online projects. We provide consultations with our clients all over the world and help them to get licenses that allow them to run a sweepstakes business or a similar project.

Just contact us any time and we will help you with any legal or financial issues!



How long does it take to start a sweepstakes business?
Everything depends on you. If you already have a hall and needed equipment, our team will need only an hour to connect the software, after which you will be ready to open your gaming hall right away!
What are the stages of starting a sweepstakes business?
You need to find a proper room, equipment and a reliable provider of sweepstakes software, such as iGamingSoft.
How much does a starting a sweepstakes business cost?
The cost depends on a region of the world in which you work. Experience has shown that the minimum you can start with is only around $500 – a price for a couple of PCs.
How much profit does a sweepstakes business make?
Profit is exactly why the sweepstakes business is so attractive to the entrepreneurs. On the average, the profit of such business is around 50% to 70%.

Best software on the market

We are recognized as a reliable partner in igaming sector and a trustworthy supplier of powerful solutions for both online and offline casinos all around the world. We work only with famous software and content developers that provide exceptional gaming experience for players and effective management tools for operators.

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