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01 What is a white-label casino?

A white-label solution is the fastest way to open a successful gambling project of your own. It’s a special type of partnership when you get a ready-to-use casino solution with preset settings, slots and payment methods. All that is left is choosing your branding and design and you are ready to start!

White-label is the most convenient option for starting an online gambling business for many reasons. First off, the main advantage of this solution is its fast development at low cost. With an already existing layout of the website, it takes only a couple of days to create your casino. Despite that, the website will have a unique design and will look like a completely independent project made from scratch! What is more, the white-solution from iGamingSoft is a great deal with a perfect price-quality ratio that will allow you to significantly save money and get a top product at the same time.

02 Why it is so profitable

Before launching your casino website, you need to make sure you have a suitable software. At this point, you have two variants: to develop your own platform from scratch or to get a ready white-label solution. The first option, while having all features selected by you, might not be the best choice, if you are limited in finances and time. That is why many entrepreneurs resort to iGamingSoft’s white-label casino to save the money and open their business without a delay.

You will get a flawlessly working platform with everything needed to manage the casino website. Thanks to the great flexibility of each system, its settings, including games, bonus system and payment solutions, can be customized to meet your players’ demand.

White-label is a perfect option to start your online igaming project and become a casino owner in no time!

03 Advantages of a white-label casino South Africa

iGamingSoft offers you a complete working platform that doesn’t require big investments or much time for establishment. It’s the best option to start your business in the high-risk entertainment sector!

04 Best solutions from the best provider

05 Breathtaking games

collection of the most thrilling content from leading providers. Our library consists of hundreds and hundreds of amazing slots, different types of roulette, poker, and lotteries that were developed with thoughtfulness and enthusiasm with attention to the latest technologies and trends.

Each game is a unique product that is worth the attention thanks to

06 Proven software

Having a stable and powerful software with a wide range of games, convenient back-office and interface is halfway to success. It defines whether or not players will get a worthwhile content, be satisfied with a bonus system and overall gaming experience in your online casino, so it’s crucial to have a decent system.

Our software has the following features:

07 What partnership options do we offer?

We offer a number of finest solutions and software for any of your project in gambling sector.

Be it an online casino, a sports-betting website, an internet café or marketing, security or management software, iGamingSoft is always ready to deliver a best-of-breed product that will meet all your requirement and needs of your business.

08 What are the stages?

We start developing your project with a detailed discussion of the technical requirement: you choose the amount and types of games, design of your online casino, all settings and features that will be included in the back-office. Then you make a bespoken advance payment and get a unique high-quality product that satisfies all your criteria as soon as possible!

09 How much does a solution cost?

We deliver a number of diverse solutions. Each one of them varies in quality, in amount of games and settings. To calculate a precise price for your project, contact our managers and we will choose the best option according to your needs and financial capabilities.

10 Do you provide licensing?

iGamingSoft will help you to settle any legality issue, including obtaining a license that is required to run a gambling land-based business. Just contact our managers and we will take care of all paperwork to obtain an international license for your project in igaming sphere.

11 What are the revenues of an opened casino?

The number depends on the region to which your casino is oriented; however, it is safe to say that such project is always highly profitable. On average, daily revenue of a casino reaches around $1000.

12 Why us?

iGamingSoft truly cares about its products and reputation. We are convinced that both a player and a casino operator must be fully content with what experience they get while using our software. Our goal is creating a flawless content and for that, we are constantly improving ourselves and our skills to make a valuable contribution to the igaming industry.

Working with us will give you the following advantages:

iGamingSoft is your reliable partner in the world of high-risk entertainment!

13 How to start working with us?

If you have any questions regarding our software of managing a gambling business, if you are uncertain what will be best for you project or you already know exactly what you want, contact us by mail or phone! Our managers are always ready to help and select best option for your business.

Become a casino owner today!



How long does it take to start a sweepstakes business?
Everything depends on you. If you already have a hall and needed equipment, our team will need only an hour to connect the software, after which you will be ready to open your gaming hall right away!
What are the stages of starting a sweepstakes business?
You need to find a proper room, equipment and a reliable provider of sweepstakes software, such as iGamingSoft.
How much does a starting a sweepstakes business cost?
The cost depends on a region of the world in which you work. Experience has shown that the minimum you can start with is only around $500 – a price for a couple of PCs.
How much profit does a sweepstakes business make?
Profit is exactly why the sweepstakes business is so attractive to the entrepreneurs. On the average, the profit of such business is around 50% to 70%.

Only top gaming platforms

We thoroughly monitor the quality of each product we provide and cooperate only with reliable sources with flawless reputation. Among our partners are Playtech, iGT, Novomatic, and Aristocrat, whose platforms are highly valued in the gambling sphere.

Each gaming system has all features to be a convenient tool for casino management and delivers an amazing igaming experience for your players at the same time.

Working with iGamingSoft, you work with top names in the industry, who earned their names with years of developing an exceptional content!

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