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01 What is a turnkey casino?

Turnkey casino is a unique project created with cutting-edge technologies and designed according to all your wishes! iGamingSoft offers you the best solution for a successful business in high-risk gaming sphere that will be tailored to fulfill your every request. This option has everything you need to launch a prosperous gambling hall, including a huge catalogue of different types of games and slots from leading developers, a multifunctional back-office with a number of adjustable parameters, engaging bonus system, and payment methods implementation. While the team of skilled programmers take care of the technical side of your software, our talented artists will create a unique design and style of your casino.

What is more, with this solution, you will be able to expand your business and lease the software to other casino owners, thereby considerably increasing your profit. iGamingSoft will allow you to become a successful entrepreneur and a part of one of the richest industries in the world!

Entrust your business establishment to professionals and get a multifunctional solution for your gambling business in no time!

02 Advantages of turnkey casino South Africa

03 Why us?

Having been working with gambling systems for many years, we know exactly what must a provider do to deliver best-in-breed solutions for prosperous casinos. iGamingSoft is your choice number one, if you wish to get a multifunctional online or offline system with your exclusive design, non-stop support and reasonable pricing. Moreover, we provide:

iGamingSoft is your reliable partner in the world of high-risk entertainment!

04 Our systems

Our providers are leading developers known for creating a fantastic content loved by the players all around the world. Each one of them is recognized on the igaming market as a top supplier of the best gambling products.

We work with such developers as

05 Breathtaking games

When it comes to the content, you always want to make sure that your clients get the most exciting gaming experience possible. That’s why we have collected a rich library with hundreds of amazing games that are now available for you!

When buying a system from iGamingSoft, you will have an opportunity to choose a list of games that will be implemented in your casino. Assemble an astonishing collection of colorful slots, traditional poker, engaging lottery and more!

All our games have the same flawless high-speed performance even on low-budget equipment, smooth animations, original soundtrack and captivating gameplay.

Let your players discover the wonders of various characters and their stories in slots or let them enjoy the fast pacing of Keno lottery, while you getting huge revenues!

06 What are the partnership options?

Nowadays, there are many variations of igaming projects you can establish and iGamingSoft will help you to start. You can become an owner of a gambling hall, online casino, sports betting website or a multifunctional business in high-risk segment!

We also provide a development of casino management systems, games and any solutions for the gambling sphere. All iGamingSoft’s products stand out with seamless experience for players, thoroughness and precision.

Contact us now and we will advise you on best software for your project and answer any your question!

07 What are the stages of partnership?

Our partnership starts when you contacting our manager and getting free consultation on what solution will fit your project best according to your wishes and financial resources.

Then we discuss technical requirements in which you choose what type of system, set of settings, design and games you prefer to see in your unique gambling platform.

After receiving an advance payment, we immediately start working on your system and after only 2 to 3 months, the ideal solution for your business will be ready for launching and be a tool of huge profits!

08 How much does an iGamingSoft system cost?

The cost is strongly affected by the type of solution you order, for example the number of games and their quality, how many adjustable parameters there will be, implementation of additional software for marketing or providing security, how many credits you buy at once. In other words, the cost depends on what properties your solution will have and how customizable it will be.

To find out a precise price for your particular case contact us now!

09 Licensing

Licensing is an important stage of establishing a land-based casino that allows operating it legally. This applies for many regions, for example South Africa.

Unfortunately, obtaining such license is a long, exhausting and expensive process that requires much attention. Let the professionals do this task and get all required document for your business without delay!

10 How to become our partner?

To start working with us all you need is to contact us by phone or mail! Whether you are absolutely sure about which system you want to order or only have a vague idea, our managers will advise you on your next steps.

Contact us now and become an owner of a prosperous business!



Is operating a casino legal?
The legality of running a land-based casino depend on the region. In many countries like South Africa such activity is legal provided you have a license. For your convenience, we provide the possibility of acquiring the license for you.
How much does it take to develop a system?
The time of development depends on what settings and how many games you want to see on your platform. On average, however, we need approximately from 2 to 3 months to develop a system from scratch.
Which games will I get?
We have a huge variety of games from leading developers. You can choose which games will be implemented yourself!

Best software on the market

We are recognized as a reliable partner in igaming sector and a trustworthy supplier of powerful solutions for both online and offline casinos all around the world. We work only with famous software and content developers that provide exceptional gaming experience for players and effective management tools for operators.

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