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01The Pirate slot review

Get on your ship, summon your trustworthy crew and set sail to embark on the most exciting adventure across all seven seas! It’s a journey on the waves of the endless ocean where brave men are sailing to meet their destiny and find a chest full of gems and money! The pirate life, however, is not only full of riches and golden doubloons but also great risks. Is the pirate life for you? Will you put your luck to the test for big prizes? Spin the reels and subjugate volatile Lady Fortune’s will in your favour to obtain pirate’s treasure of the lifetime!

The Pirate slot online was presented to the gambling market in 2005 by the Igrosoft developer. Igrosoft is a leading Russian company specializing in delivering games and boards for online casinos and land-based Internet cafes. Having been founded in 1999, this developer may not have as long experience as their major competitors but does it matter, if their games are just as loved? “Pirate” together with many other amazing slots from Igrosoft have quickly become hits thanks to their captivating mechanics and unique designs. As a result, Pirate is still very much welcomed in casinos in Russia, Europe, South Africa and many more countries worldwide.

02Game features

03Where can I get the Pirate slot?

You can download this and many other remarkable slots and games from your trustworthy partner in the gambling world, iGamingSoft. We will select the finest solution for you that will meet all your requirements for a reasonable price!

You can get this and many more games as a part of a gaming system together with our support and guidance on every step. Alternatively, if you wish to expand your game library, we can implement “Pirate” and other slots to your already installed gambling system.

04Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Which system has the Pirate slot online?
Among the number of systems that is provided by iGamingSoft, Goldslot is the one which has this slot in its game catalogue.
Can I try the demo version of the Pirate slot?
You can try the demo version of this and many other slots before purchasing them. Moreover, you can get the demo version for the majority of slots in our game catalogue and implement them to your casino for your clients to try.
How do I download and install the Pirate slot in my casino?
To get the Pirate slot, all you will need is an internet connection. After the purchase of the game is complete, you will be guided through the processes of download and installment step by step by our managers.
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