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Gambling hall or online casino?

How to open an igaming business of your own

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01Choosing software for a casino

Nowadays, opening your own gambling business is even simpler than establishing a business in any other sector. All thanks to various solutions that can suit any financial possibilities and requirements. Even if your desire is to open a business offline, you will encounter close to none problems and complications. All you need for establishing of, for example, an internet-cafe, is a suitable room, a couple of low-budget personal computers, terminals, or other types of devices, a stable internet connection, and, of course, a system. The latter will provide you with hundreds of amazing high-quality games and a reliable back-office, in which you will manage all casino operations and your clients’ balances.

Our team will guide you through the whole process of installing and adjusting the settings, so everything will work perfectly. Whether it is an online sweepstakes or internet-cafe, iGamingSoft has a perfect offer for you!

02Casino software for sale

How to choose a software provider and a gaming system?

We provide a huge variety of gambling systems from leading providers with famous names, who deliver an outstanding content for thriving casinos. With this many options you will be able to easily find a solution that will suit your casino’s needs and will satisfy your players with rich game catalogue.

If you are not sure which solution will fit your project best, the team of iGamingSoft is always ready to give you a consultation on all our offers and help you choose the best one!

Best providers for South Africa

In all the diversity of software providers, there are 3 companies that gained popularity and recognition among casino owners in South Africa:

Best games and gaming systems for South Africa

iGamingSoft delivers the most exciting games with great mathematics and high-speed performance from leading developers!

As for South Africa, our experience shows that both operators and players prefer 2 systems in particular among the others.

The most popular systems are

How to buy and download casino software?

To buy a system that will perfectly suit any your gambling project, you simply need to contact us!

We will help you with selecting an optimal solution for your business or, in case you already know exactly what you need, we will connect you to the system immediately. This process takes very little time, and just in a couple of hours you will be able to start your business!

You don’t need to have any programming skills to install our systems, our products have simple launchers with clear instructions, while some of the systems don’t require instalment at all!

Implementation of payment methods

We offer different payment methods depending on in what region you are operating. We realize solutions both with and without cash, such as payment via cashier or cashless bank transfers. For your convenience, we also provide payments with cryptocurrency implementation for your cryptocasino.

If you order a full iGamingSoft casino solution, be it turnkey solution or a project from scratch, you automatically get several payment methods that can be implemented to your project. In case you already have a third-party system, we can implement a payment solution you require via API.

03Turnkey casino solution

To make a process of launching your casino website even simpler, we provide a turnkey casino solution!

This solution will save your time and resources, at the same time allowing you to adjust the system to your preferences and needs. After the casino software download, you will get a unique platform with customized design layout, a set of settings, rich interface, and admin panel for monitoring your finances.

With iGamingSoft you will gain access to top-notch games from top providers that have earned massive popularity among gamblers all around the world. Assemble your own game catalogue with colorful slots, exciting poker and swift lotteries!

Turnkey casino is the fastest and the most effective way to become a part of igaming industry without extra expenses and time wasting!

04How does player’s balance work?

The way your clients will refill their balance depends on which payment methods are integrated to your system.

If you choose to integrate the cashless methods, your players will refill their balances via bank transfers, mobile payments or payment terminals. We also provide the possibility of integrating of cryprocurrency solutions.

In case you decided to integrate the solution with cash, your clients will be able to refill their balances via a cashier in your gaming hall.

Players can withdraw their winnings just as easily as refilling their balances. They can do it via cashless transactions, in this case a payment processing can take some time, or via a cashier in your casino.

05Gambling software South Africa

High-quality product

We provide only the best casino gaming software and solutions from top-tier developers! Each solution is executed with attention to detail, style, and latest technologies and trends in gambling sector. You have an opportunity to get a multifunctional management tool for your online or offline project that will lead to success and big revenues.

Huge variety of striking games

Working with us will give you an access to a several thousands of marvelous games with amazing graphic design, engaging gameplay, and remarkable soundtrack!

Developed by the supreme companies in the gambling sector, such as Superomatic, Playtech and Aristocrat, these games will thrill even the experienced players, making them bet again and again.

Astonishing slots, exciting blackjack, fast sweepstakes, roulette or poker? With our rich catalogue that constantly gets updates, you can assemble a perfect game library with best-of-breed content from the best developers.

Reasonable price

Being the official representative of developers and software providers, iGamingSoft has the lowest prices for top products on the market. Each solution has a different pricing, depending on which software type and how many credits you order. To find out the precise price for solution you wish to purchase, contact our managers and we will select the best option for any of your project!

Working with iGamingSoft you can be sure that you will get a fair deal!

Support non-stop

We care about the success of your business, and that’s why we offer a full support 24/7 for our clients.

06What partnership options we provide

iGamingSoft provides all types of high-quality products for gambling projects. Whether you wish to establish an internet-cafe, a sweepstakes business or a casino website, we are always ready to deliver the best solution that will satisfy all your requirements.

We provide all types of services for successful casino managing, including game and software development, implementation of payment methods, back-office connection and more.

iGamingSoft is your reliable partner in the world of igaming entertainment!

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