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How to open an Internet cafe in South Africa

iGamingSoft provides a number of top-notch solutions for your business, including software for gambling halls or Internet cafes from leading providers, various payment methods and more. Get an amazing opportunity to open a successful business with huge and stable profits!

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01What is an Internet cafe?

An Internet cafe, or a gambling hall, is a simple and quick way to become a part of the prosperous industry of high-risk entertainment without extra expenses!

In this type of a gaming project you provide a place for gamblers to relax and enjoy a wide range of slots, poker, roulette, lotteries, and other exciting games in comfortable atmosphere of a cafe.

Such business doesn’t require too much of your time and attention and is easy to maintain, at the same time giving its owner a stable source of income.

02Advantages of an Internet cafe

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs all around the world choose Internet cafes as their main business.

First of all, no big investments are needed. Projects like online casinos or gambling halls are much valued for their low cost. You have an opportunity to start a gambling business without the need of having big starting capital and investing great sums of money later.

Secondly, an Internet cafe is easy to operate. You don’t need to have any special skills to run such project or spend too much time maintaining it.

Thirdly, there’s no need in many employees. The only employees you require are a couple of cashiers who will manage your clients’ balances and pay off their wins.

Finally, the most important feature of any gambling project is its huge revenues. Internet cafes and casinos are highly profitable and considered one of the most beneficial business!

03What is required for an Internet cafe?

Opening your own business has never been so easy! Nowadays, thanks to the latest technologies in gambling sector, establishing a project like an Internet cafe is not only simple but also inexpensive.

For your convenience, we have worked out a guideline on how to open an Internet cafe in South Africa:

Follow this guide, make sure that your clients get an ultimate gambling experience and enjoy huge profits!

04Taking first steps with iGamingSoft

Once you take care of finding a suitable room and equipment, it’s time to select a gambling system. iGamingSoft provides an opportunity to choose from a number of various solutions for an Internet cafes that support work of hundreds of casinos all around the globe right now!

How to choose a gaming cafe software?

If you work with us, you can be sure that, whichever software you choose to install, each solution will stand out with exceptional quality, remarkable games, and data security.

When selecting software, we recommend you to pay attention to the demand in your cafe and your players’ preferences. Each system has its own special features and unique catalogue of games and other forms of thrilling entertainment from which you can assemble an exclusive set of games for your gambling hall.

In case of South Africa, casino owners prefer 2 gaming systems in particular: Superomatic and Goldslot. iGamingSoft provides each one of these and other platforms together with technical support and detailed guidance about managing an Internet cafe.

How to buy a system for an Internet cafe?

To buy a multifunctional cross-platform system with rich library of high-quality content and wide range of adjustable parameters, simply contact our managers!

We will answer any of your questions and provide superb solutions for your business in high-risk segment together with technical support 24/7!

Instalment and connection

The download and instalment of the gaming cafe software we provide is very simple and doesn’t require any programming skills from you to set it up. The client part is installed on equipment in your gambling hall and grants an access to hundreds of breathtaking HTMI5 games, while an admin panel allows you to control your casino’s work and players’ balances.

The whole process takes very little time, so you can open for business just in a couple of hours.

05Payment methods integration

iGamingSoft provides several different payment solution for your convenience, each one of them supports any existing currency.

For the cashless option we provide payments via bank transactions or mobile payments, for which you will have to create an e-wallet and a bank account.

For the payments with cash you can either set up a payment terminal or a cashbox with a cashier.

Moreover, we can implement a payment solution with cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Connection to payment methods

If you buy a turnkey solution or a system from iGamingSoft, you automatically get an access to all payment options we provide. Thanks to modern technologies and the integrated platform, all that is left is to turn the solutions on.

In case you already got a third party system, we can connect you to any preferable payment solution via API.

06Turnkey solution for an Internet cafe in South Africa

If you want your cafe to be truly unique and catching, iGamingSoft is ready to provide a turnkey solution for your gambling hall.

Get exclusive software with customised settings, tailored library with best games an industry has to offer, and a remarkable design that will be created from scratch by our team of artists.

Not only it’s a great option for a business because this solution will be made according to all your preferences but also because you can sell this software and get an additional source of income.

07How does a system for an Internet cafe work?

A gaming system is a heart of any gambling project, be it online or offline. It gives players an access to the huge variety of thrilling content from best developers of gambling products, while casino operators enjoy convenience of back-office and a wide range of adjustable parameters!

How do clients refill their balances?

How will your clients refill their balances depend on which types of payment methods you have integrated in your Internet cafe. It can be easily done via bank transfers, payment terminals or cashier in the cafe itself.

How do clients receive their winnings?

Your clients can receive their winnings just as easy as they refill their balances. They can do so whether via cashier in the cafe or bank transfers, although the latter usually takes some time to process.

08Gambling systems from iGamingSoft

High-quality product

When choosing partners to work with, we always look for such characteristics as reliability, flawless reputation, extensive experience on the gambling market, and delivering best-in-breed products for Internet cafes and online casinos.

Among our providers you can find such names as Aristocrat, Playtech, and Novomatic, – companies that earned their popularity by supplying a plethora of gaming projects with supreme software and brought success to casino owners all over the world.

Whichever solution from iGamingSoft you choose, you can be sure that you will get top software from best providers in the sector of high-risk entertainment.

Outstanding selection of games

Nothing defines a casino more accurately than its game catalogue. With iGamingSoft you will have several thousand of amazing games at your disposal from leading developers of gambling content. Manage your unique game library by adding HTMI5 games, outstanding slots, classic poker, roulette, blackjack, swift sweepstakes and more! Our game stock is constantly being refilled with new exciting content.

Provide a striking experience to your clients in your Internet cafe and watch your income grow!

Reasonable price

Being an official representative of developers and suppliers of Internet cafe software, we provide all kinds of services for online casinos and gambling halls for reasonable prices. To learn the price for specific solution, a set of settings and games, contact our managers and we will select the best option that will suit your Internet cafe best for the lowest price on the market!

Full support

We lend assistance with any issues you might encounter and offer support on every stage of running your gambling project.

Becoming a partner with iGamingSoft guarantees you best software, outstanding games and entertainment, and full support of your project.

09Which partnership options do we offer?

iGamingSoft provides many kinds of services for convenient and successful managing of gambling projects, such as Internet cafes, online casinos, sweepstakes, gambling halls and more.

We offer Internet cafe software, turnkey solutions, integration of payment methods, technical maintenance and support.

Contact us now and start a prosperous business today!

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